The Inner Glide

The Tao of Skiing, Snowboarding, and Skwalling

The Inner Glide presents a unique and original practice that will challenge ski enthusiasts, snowboarders, or skwallers, whether experts or beginners, to make the transition from the raw quest for sensation–itself a source of imbalance–to a more subtle and harmonious practice based on internal centering. Balmain offers a complete illustrated program that includes nine “katas of the glide”–conscious movement exercise sequences to help practitioners discover the “right gesture” and “the inner glide” for any terrain or situation–to bring body and mind into balance with joy.

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Glisse Intérieure (french book)

Skwall on, Thias travels the mountains of North America, Japan, New Zealand and Europe, training competitors and instructors in this new discipline and organizes a circuit of competitions over many years.
From this long and fruitful research emerges a new approach to snow sports, giving birth to the book La Glisse Intérieure (2005, Le Souffle d’Or), which presents a method for all snow sports lovers who are also in search of an inner meaning.


La vallée sans nom (french book)

An initiatory novel told in a lively way, close to daily life, which will not leave lovers of virgin nature, mountains and ski sports indifferent
Thias, passionate about free riding and always in search of new sensations, explores with his friends an unknown off-piste route. During the descent, Thias finds himself alone, lost in the fog. Trying to find his colleagues, meets an old man who, in the confines of a small isolated chalet, leads him to take a fresh look at his relationship with the mountain and with himself.
This trip in the mountains turns out to be a completely different journey: through philosophical discussions, extraordinary spiritual and physical experiences, Thias learns to listen to his most personal sensations and gradually realizes the nature of his being.
Full of twists and turns, this story based on a real-life experience is an open door to listening to ones inner-self and to nature, close to shamanism.


Comment se libérer du vertige (french book)

In summer, Thias takes his students to the mountains in order to help them reconnect with nature and at the same time with their very own nature. Helping them face their difficulties in front of the void, Thias creates in 2009 the Stop Vertigo method and publishes How to free oneself from vertigo (2009, Le Souffle d’Or), thus becoming one of the specialists in the treatment of vertigo and acrophobia.