Thias creator of the SKWAL

Thias, creator of the SKWAL, the carving board par excellence, presents the new skwal trend close to FREE SKI: a new shape for use with sticks, in a FREE SKWAL program.

Thias, its emblematic designer, anticipates yet again and opens a new page of this sensational practice.

Skwal Easy Rider 165

THE reference board for FREE SKWAL
(free ride, free carve and more...)
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Why choose the Free Skwal Easy Rider ?

THE SKWALEUR CRUISER : Your objective is to skwale on any type of slope, with no hassle. You skwale with cool, on track or offtrack, with the objective of having fun according to your mood, to go fast or not.

The pleasure to skwal on long routes with friends who are on skis or snowboard, without needing to be as fully attentive as on extreme carve boards !


a unique SKWAL for all types of snow and terrain.


Whether you're a beginner or an experienced skier, you'll be seduced by the capabilities of the FREE SKWAL.


A unique and modern shape.

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